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Thread: Chris Coarse's older Alaska scenery enhancements

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    Default Chris Coarse's older Alaska scenery enhancements

    Many years ago Chris Coarse did several versions of Alaska Scenery addons like "Alaska 10" including more than additional 900 Afcad files. A tremendous work, I agree. He also added AI flightplans to be used with those airfields and seaplanes bases. That's all very nice, but he obvisualy forgot to add corresponding airports text files. I could check all the 900 files and create myself a complete text file. But maybe that someone has it done before or might got the informations in a easier and simple way. Therefore any advice would be welcome and helpful.

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    AI Flight Planner can collect the info for all those airports, but stores the info in a format different than the TTools airports.txt files. But you can then use that info to create flight plans in AIFP.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Thanks Tom for your advice. It's really helpful, and I will be able to create more easier the needed Airports.txt file.

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    Glad to help. You could take the text file created by AIFP and use a spreadsheet or other similar program to convert it to TTools format.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Hello Leuen,

    There's a program in the avsim library called

    GenAir is a Windows program written to generate an airports.txt file used for AI Flightplans from an existing FlightPlans.txt file. It can be used to quickly produce a matching airports.txt file for your own flightplans, or with someone else's flightplans if they did not include a valid airports.txt file. Now you can be sure that your airports.txt file includes all the correct airport codes, and only the airport codes that are actually used in the flightplan file. Using an airports.txt file that only includes the airports used within a flightplan can dramatically reduce the traffic bgl file size for FS2004.

    I have often used it in ttools.

    All the best,

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    Thanks Bill for your tip. Be aware that Chris Coarse created a lot of additional Afcad not included in any master airports.txt file. Therefore Genair11 tool doesn't recognize such airports. Meanwhile I could solved it with AIFP as suggested by Tom.

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    Good to hear that you solved the problem, Leuen. Tom always has good advice and fast.

    I believe that TTools has a function that compiles an airport list based on all the Afcads that are active in FS9, so if someone installs new scenery, the airports connected with those new Afcads will show up in the TTools airport list.

    All the best,

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