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Thread: Edwards AFB? No Fly Here...

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    Update: The same thing keeps happening. When the plane is at Teterboro (NJ...Sea Level)...No problem starting. When I try taking off at Edwards Air Force Base (California...2300 ft)...The plane coughs, and coughs, and coughs...The engine refuses to turn over. Even the Ctrl>E trick doesn't work. I leaned the mixture like Mr. Zippy suggested. No go! Was gentle with the mixture knob...No go! The "funny" thing about all this is everything is just fine at Teterboro???!!!

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    Have you tried staring another aircraft and switching over to the Mooney Bravo?
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    Good Idea, Mr Zippy. I'll try another aircraft, and switch...

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    Hi Mina's Man,

    I am surprised that CTRL+e didn't work, its usually a fairly good failsafe when us sim pilots just want to jump in and fly. CTRL+e usually sets the correct parameters for engine start, although there are some helicopters that don't always co-operate.
    If you shut your engines down at Teterboro and then try to restart do they fire up or do the cough and splutter like at KEDW.

    Below is a link to download a PDF for the default Mooney Bravo, Download/extract/unzip.
    In the PDF there are Before Start and Startup procedures / checklists, see if they correspond with your Mooney Startup settings, perhaps you may need to also bring the throttle to 1/4 at this altitude (KEDW -EdwardsAFB).
    Also I was not quite right with the boost pump advice, the checklist says you should run the boost pump for 20-40seconds then bring the Throttle back to idle, with the Mix at 100% rich then turn the starter, doing this must prime the fuel system for altitude starts. I don't think the Mooney will even try to kick with lean mixture.

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    Thanks for the link, jethrom. I think flyawaysimulation is the same place I got my original checklist from, but I will investigate.
    When I shut my engines down at Teterboro, there are no problems if I try to re-start. I've done this a few times because I like practicing around the airport. I taxi to parking, shut it down, then re-start and taxi to another area. That's how I learn airports. Oh well, thanks anyway...

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