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Thread: FSX-RWT : FSX for Pilots - Real World Training Missions (Covering book's Exercises)

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    Would like to know if anyone is interested in a Missions Package (over 100) that has been integrated into FSX as a new Mission Category : Real World Training. The first version provides the initial state of the flight exercises in the book : FSX for Pilots - Real World Training, Jeff Van West, Wiley.

    For the first version, even though the Flight Briefing, provides a description of what the exercises are, if you are learning to fly, you would need the book to fully understand the why and the how of the exercice. If there are enough interest, I might start implementing, Flying Test and Rewards, pertinent to each Mission. One way to enhance the experience is using, FSFlyingSchool as your instructor. Since a good portion of the missions include flight plan, FSFlyingSchool has better chance to understand what you are trying to do and provide pertinent feedback.

    Following is a summary of the Package content:

    - FSX Mission Category - Real World Training : Over 100 Flight Missions .
    Target Audience:
    - "FSX For Pilots - Real World Training" book's Readers.

    FSX Mission Briefing Center:
    - Bonus chapters; Charts; Color Art; Web Sites References.
    All the files have been grouped into a new FSX Mission Category: Real World Training.

    Under the FSX Mission panel, this new category provides the following access:
    * Over 100 Flights exercises from the book:
    - BEGINNER: covers Chapter 2 thru Chapter 9.
    - INTERMEDIATE: covers Chapter 10 thru Chapter 14.
    - ADVANCED: covers Chapter 15 thru Chapter 19.
    - EXPERT : covers Chapter 20 thru Chapter 26, plus the two Bonus Chapters.
    The Aircraft Kneeboard, presents appropriates charts from the book.

    From each of the individual FSX Mission Briefing Center you have access to:
    * Quick intro to the mission describing what the exercise or mission is?
    * Reference to the Kindle book location for each mission
    * Access to the corresponding Color Arts (Figures) from the book.
    * Access to the corresponding charts from the book.
    * Accces to the two Bonus Chapters and five Appendices
    * Links to pertinent Web Sites.

    These FSX Real World Training Missions are not self-sufficient and required the reading of:
    "Microsoft Flight Simulator X for Pilots - Real World Training Book", from Wiley,
    to fully understand the What?, Why? and How? of the missions.

    Gilbert Laprise, [email protected]
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    That book already comes with a huge set of fsx mission flights.

    Are you creating something new? I hope you are not republishing his mission flights (without permission).

    And if you are actually planning to make something new from scratch, give it a different name. Don't name it the same as the book.
    After all, that book is a well respected work. what you make would be something completely different.
    Give it it's own name so it's clear what's what.
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    I have Wiley-reuse-Approval, from Wiley Global Permissions, and the author Jeff Van West, to repackage and redistribute the material from the Wiley Web Site, with a more user friendly interface that is easier for people, new to flying and new to FSX.

    I am doing this because I love the book and I am using it myself every day, learning to fly. Going back and forth between different chapter exercises, I got tired of browsing through thousands of files for the right flight files, the right maps and the right pictures, the right Airport diagrams. With just a click of the mouse I now have access to this without leaving the FSX Environment. I wanted to have access to the charts through the kneeboard, or find easily where the description of a particular flight exercises is located in the book. I can go back and forth between Mission with just another click of the mouse.

    I did it for my own use and I am willing to share it freely with anyone interested, probably mostly people new to flying, and who are using the book to learn. I believe it is still the best book to learn to fly using FSX.

    I would be very much interested by your feedback on the FSX environment I have created. You still need the book to learn to fly but the material for the exercises is easily accessible in a user friendly environment : FSX Mission.

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    I would like A LOT to have such a missions pack. I have a vanilla FSX installed only for missions, and for me the most important aspect of missions is their potential for learning. So, I think is a very brilliant idea to have the content of the great West-Lane book supported by missions, and I would be very thankful to the person that could make possible such a thing.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Felix Fern√°ndez de Castro
    Oviedo (Spain)
    i9-9900K || 2 x 16 GB || RTX 2070 8 GB || W10 Pro 64

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