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Thread: starting my 737 build again over the weekend

  1. Default starting my 737 build again over the weekend

    Hi all
    i am starting my 737 build again with full mip windows overheads etc ,
    and ran into a conundrum today after looking for a cheep way to build an fmc, apart from using the sticker version, it occurs to me that
    the fmc area above the mip, could possibly house a logitech G saitek PRO flight multi panel ,as this is cheaper and does the same job
    what are your thoughts

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks good. Gonna build a overhead Panel?

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    hi yes its a sticker again
    but i now have a problem as i have 3 projectors running a curved screen but cant work out how to get my matrox triple head box to run the mip screens any help would be appreciated

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    so far got warpelizer to do the curved screen

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    cheers dood

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    Just came down to these forums to relax and have a look at the many cockpits being developed which gives me lots of ideas for my setup. Can't help ya with your issue but thought I would say looking real good. Guess over that amount of time the hobby becomes building the cockpit as opposed to flying.

    All the best.

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