On quite a few take-off missions recently I've encountered a message that said "Waypoint altitude not reached!". Initially, I thought I made a mistake while ascending after take-off but then this...

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(The colour of the second screenshot is a bit off as I had a blue-light filter enabled on my phone when I took that screenshot)

...the message came up when I haven't even reached the waypoints yet! In fact, in many instances of the message popping up, I was still quite a distance away from the waypoints. In the first screenshot, I was 6.7 units away from the waypoint "TARGET". In the second screenshot, I was 7.5 units away from the waypoint "TARGET".

AND at the moment the message came up I'd already reached the altitude of the waypoints shown in the screenshots above. In the first screenshot, the waypoint altitude was 1000 ft and my altitude was around 1111 ft. In the second screenshot, the waypoint altitude was 1200 ft and my altitude was around 1237 ft.

The message comes up randomly in certain take-off missions regardless of aircraft model and airport. I've lost a fair bit of flight points/money as the message will automatically lower your Flight Path score and the number of flight points/money you're rewarded at the end of a mission.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? I'm speculating it could be the result of me not ascending fast enough after take-off, but I've done near-vertical (really steep) ascents before and I still got the "Waypoint altitude not reached" message. Or it might be that I'm in the wrong, that I'd forgotten a crucial step I don't know about after take-off (In that case, could any of you kindly tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can correct it?).

Either way, I think it's probably an annoying glitch that ought to be fixed. Has anyone received the message before? Do you think it's a glitch or an intended feature?