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Thread: Project Airbus sharklet model for P3D?

  1. Default Project Airbus sharklet model for P3D?


    After transferring my FSX models to P3D with some success, I have gotten the standard A32X models to work perfectly. However, none of the sharklet models are appearing. It seems like the more recent model should be up to date with the 64-bit platform, right? Does anyone have a P3D sharklet model, or a solution to get them to work?

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    What Livery?

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    I am also looking for PA319 320 321 with sharklets for P3D... But I start thinking they were never made.

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    Man, I've been using my PA318's and 319's since P3Dv1. Luv them. Didn't know they made sharklet versions. Hope you find an answer.

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