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Thread: Bug during landing sequence

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    Default Bug during landing sequence

    I love this game, Airline Commander by Rortos. It's really fun to fly all these jets, and to land them.

    I noticed one bug on the landing sequences - it has even caused mid-air crashes during one of my

    Today, during landing I had a "near miss" event so in the replay I captured a picture of the problem

    When landing, the simulator also puts another plane on the same approach path, and if the speeds
    are just right, that plane comes from behind and passes "by/through" you.
    Here is a capture from the replay of the plane passing by me during approach.
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    IscTheBoi Guest


    I've experienced this weird bug as well. Sometimes when it happens, I try to fly underneath the other plane as close as possible to see how near I can get to the plane without crashing. I've never had a mid-air collision though.

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    I've had to fly over/under other planes on approach and also found other planes just chilling on the runway at times... With zero warning. The problem here is that you can't do a missed approach or a go around because the mission just fails if you try to do so...

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