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Thread: FSX WOAI AI aircraft problem

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    I have had this problem just after I re-joined a saved flight and some of my AI (modded, WOAI) I noticed when I went to view them they had no textures, the had sounds and everything by no texture. It was light blue and seemed to only target a few airlines, QANTAS for example has been a major problem because it is a major hub for me, anyways, when I get close to the problematic AI aircrafts, the disappear, they still exists in the ATC when I am listening to them, I have also checked the Files as well. Please help, that would be great appreciated.

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    In the settings graphics window, is Preview DirectX 10 checked? if so un-check it.

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    @Enko, I will go see if it is, I will reply if has fixe anything.

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    @Enko, it has fixed my problem, thank you.

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