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Thread: Can ATC be turned off?

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    Default Can ATC be turned off?


    I'm essentially new to flight sims of this complexity (although not new to flight sims in general), and I;ve bene having terrible problems trying to get flying with Flight gear. I went through the tutorial with the default plane exactly as instructed, and teh engone simply would not start, no matter how longI held teh s key down.

    So I gaveit a second time, and then it said that the engine had flooded.

    And all the time teh ATC was barraging me with a bunch of information I'm really not interested in under the circumstances, and which I found very distracting.

    So I have two questions:

    First, and most importantly - is there some way to turn the ATC off?
    Seondly, is there a simplified engine start process at all? Notto worry, if not, as I'f thats teh case I'll just persist trying to get the hang of priming magnetos etc.

    Thanks in anticipation,


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    There's no automated ATC in Flightgear, so I'm guessing what you've been listening to is the ATIS (automated weather reports) - whenever the comm is tuned to it, you will get to hear it, the solution is simply to change frequency or to switch the comm off.

    As for the simplified engine starting procedure - try a different (less realistically modeled) plane than the C-172p - for many it's as easy as 'magnetos on, press 's'' - and some even start with engine running - if you 'just want to fly' a bit, the planes on the upper end of the 'realistic systems' scale are probably not going to be a joy.

    I'm not completely sure about the C-172p, but there might be an 'Autostart' procedure available as well (?) - have a look at the menu items, it's been a while since I've flown it.

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