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Thread: Colombian dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerofoto View Post
    HJG's AV MD's are all -83's (soon to be FDE upgraded) .... featuring all 3 AV liveries (by Camilo LUENGAS) .... with the exception of the Juan Valdez Coffee hybrid ....

    The primary difference between these MD models are their MGW .... and engine type an thrust ratings among some of them .... and the fact that a good number of MD 81 through -83 aircraft were modified with the MD-87/-88 type low-drag rear fuselage tail cone .... and some were also reconfigured with MD-87/-88/B717-200 type EFIS FD's too.
    Thank you Mark! I wasn't so off regarding differences then. I've been using a lot of HJG's offerings. I used to fly your MD for some time (with the Payne panels) until I got the Maddog for €15 (a bargain!). Maybe I'll have to play with the Maddog FDE to reflect the fuel and engine differences (I know no one will support this, but well).

    What FDE upgrades are expected for the HJG birds?

    PS: Please tell me you've tried the Juan Valdez coffee...
    Best regards,
    Luis Hernández

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    Please tell me you've tried the Juan Valdez coffee
    "SI" senor .... es delicioso ... mucho mejor que STARBUCKS

    RE the MD FDE revision .... this's periodic thing we do every so often, but, one of the omprovements I particularly want to apply is in regard to rotation and T/O performances in relation to conrol input.


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