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Thread: Help with another forum

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    Default Help with another forum

    I am new to Flight Sim X and I am working on making a motion platform work with Flight Sim X. I have downloaded Link2fs and installed it. It works correctly so far as I can tell up till now, but on every Start Up I get a message box that says it cannot find a master file. I found a fix in a forum on but I need to login to that forum to make use of it. This is where the difficulty comes in.

    The registration process for requires a Capcha verification - except something on the page is broken and I cannot do the verification. (I have tried it on 3 browsers, all with the same result, Firefox, Chrome and Edge). The same verification is required to send a message to the forum owner so I have no way of getting around it.

    I am wondering if anyone on this forum can contact and get the registration page fixed - or at least convey the problem to the forum owner.


    Dale Gloer

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    Thank you for the link to the tips, however the problem I am seeing is that no Capcha is displayed and there is no entry box either. Only a frame in the page labelled Image Verification.

    Also I didn't get the name of the forum site correct in my origi - it is

    Dale Gloer

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    It could be as simple as: '...reloading the page in your browser'. You do this by pressing F5. Good luck.
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    That is one of the suggestions in the link but nno matter how many times I reload the page nothing changes.

    Dale Gloer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cessna140usedtobe View Post
    That is one of the suggestions in the link but nno matter how many times I reload the page nothing changes.

    Dale Gloer
    Do you have any ad blocker or anti-virus extensions in your browsers?

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    Capcha doesn't show in any of my browsers. Now the site is saying server is too busy, I assume from too many attempts from my IP. I will try to contact them after the timeout has expired.

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    I got 'the server is too busy' too. So it's either their server or they are under an active DDoS.
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    Found this.
    It doesn't explain clearly, but I get the impression that the "missing master file" message is not because of a missing file, but because of a fault when running the program.
    It then gives a new version of link2fs that should not give that error.

    See here:
    (avsim membership required I think.)

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    He can look at that page on AVSIM as a "guest". Bad news about the link:

    Click image for larger version. 

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