I have two X56 flight control systems and they are both having the same problem. I would like to find another X56 user to discuss this with. Here is the deal. When I try to fly inverted the plane will not stay in the inverted position. It immediately flips out of that position causing some lose of control and disorientation. The same thing happens when trying to do a roll. As soon as it gets inverted the plane flips out. If I slow the simulation rate to the slowest I can see it snapping out of the inverted position. I have contacted Logitech support but they do not have an FSX or P3D program they can test this with and without them seeing it in action I don't believe we will ever come to a solution. If I could make an Mp3 video of the problem in action maybe they could play that, but I don't know how to do that. If there is an X56 simmer reading this please respond. Thanks