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    Hi everyone,

    back on flight sim after a long break. I am now using P3Dv4 in lieu of FSX. I am starting to build my add ons again so have just purchased ORBX and now I’m looking at weather. What REX product do you recommend?

    Rex 4 texture direct seems the best because it includes weather, clouds and even runways. The other newer ones don’t see to have all this

    just hoping someone can confirm which product is superior


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    What REX product do you recommend?

    None. Get Active Sky for P3D.


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    I have not compared REX TD with Soft Clouds to any other similar product, but I have it on my system running P3D4.5 and Active Sky for P3D4 weather engine, and it all looks spectacular.

    My version of REX Texture Direct does NOT include a weather engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen.s.andersen View Post
    What REX product do you recommend?

    None. Get Active Sky for P3D.

    I agree. I have REX Skyforce and ActiveSky and the REX weather system does not handle the transition from station to station smoothly like ActiveSky does.

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    Stated another way, use the textures from Rex Sky Force and Active Sky for your weather engine. I also use Envtex and Envshade and have gorgeous skies.

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