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    Is it possible in FSX to view Traffic like in FS9 when using the SDK Traffic Toolbar?
    Jive1 - Belgium

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    as best I recollect: you can view with the 'radar-like' screen; you can select and view (spot view) aircraft in range of your location ( somewhere between 100-140 nm out); you can take control of existing ai aircraft; you can place static ai aircraft (as scenery); you can create an AI aircraft and assign it to an existing flight plan... so, yes, I think that pretty well covers a very affirmative answer.

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    Is there part of this message missing?.....
    Jive1 - Belgium

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    What on earth do you mean by "view traffic like in fs9"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jive1 View Post
    Is it possible in FSX to view Traffic like in FS9 when using the SDK Traffic Toolbar?
    Jive1 - Belgium
    First prerequisite is a correct installation of the FSX SDK.
    You need FSX Deluxe or Acceleration. Dunno about Steam.

    Installation is explained here

    Read the article a number of times before actually starting, then follow it TO THE LETTER.

    Wim (also Belgium)
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