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Thread: Yet another FS9 annoying and mysterious malfunction!

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    Default Yet another FS9 annoying and mysterious malfunction!

    Any ideas on why, when I select a previously saved flight involving a float plane parked at the dock on water, I find the plane leaping into the air and throwing itself around the sky? Or the same thing happening when I land on water and then turn off the engine? This is happening with planes that I have previously had no problem with, so is it my water texture setting? Or something else to do with the water? I haven't meddled with the planes in any way so it should be water related and not the planes.

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    Having written that I realised that I hadn't tried out other float planes. So I did, and discovered that it was not true of them all. Which means that it is a plane problem not water, and in particular a problem with the Aerosoft Beaver. And even more particularly with the Beaver amphib with a modern cockpit. Maybe the setting for where the waterline should be on the floats? Though as I said before, I haven't changed anything like that so why it should be happening now.........

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    This is usually a problem with the static_cg_height line in the Contact Points section of the plane's aircraft.cfg file. This is the height FS places the plane when it loads it and in Slew mode.

    You can often test for this problem by going in and out of Slew mode (Y key). If it doesn't start out just a tiny bit above where it should be and settle quietly onto the water then that should be edited to make it so.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

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    Tom, I figured out why it happens but not how to fix it. When I use slew mode above land or water it is at the height that allows it to then drop gently down onto the wheels when I press Y. This, of course is at a height far higher than is required for it to drop gently down into water and use the floats. Changing the floats contact points do not change this "hover" height as it doesn't know until it drops whether it is heading for land or water. The floats-only version "hovers" with the floats already partially submerged, which is what made me realise this wheel height problem. So when I press Y the amphib version drops too far and bounces back up. As to WHY it is only now acting up in this way, well, I have no idea.

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    Sorry this can NOT be an FLOATPLANE.

    IF it as AMPH than you must REVISE your wheel contact points LONGITUDIONAL, and VERTICAL !!

    otherwise it jumps like a Bronco ..

    Use the program ACM to do it CORRECTLY....

    g. kirschstein

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    I am not saying it is a float plane; it is an amphibian. If I place it on land by taking it out of slew mode then it happily sits there on its wheels and does not jump at all, so I do not have to revise wheel contact points. If I do the same to place it on water it jumps. The mystery is why it jumps now, when it did not do so a year ago.

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    Ah! Aerosoft Beaver ... turn On Realism - Detect Crash and Damage. That usually fixes the problem.

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    Caphavoc, I rejected that idea as I already had Detect Crash and Damage enacted. Then I had an FS9 thought, turned it off, and then on again. And it worked. So thanks for that.

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    Were you creating an fs scenery rogaer?

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    Yeah, first thing that comes to mind are the contact points. Read here on all that plus more.

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