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    Is there any add on that lets you watch/view an AI planes full flight instead of it disappearing after a certain distance?

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    Super Traffic View board:

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    An eldery paywareprogram only for MS FSX would be AIRound v2.0 by Valery Stein.
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    There is another I once tried called 'AI Tracker X' it worked good plus it had a few options but for some reason it started to misbehave, so I went back to STB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post
    Super Traffic View board:
    Can you make a tutorial on how to install it so when I get it I can look at that

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    Traffic Toolbox in the SDK

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    Traffic Toolbox is good but you can only follow so far then it throws you back to base.

    STVB you can follow the full journey plus listen to the ATC if you wish that is.

    AI TrackerX is very similar, again you can follow the full journey and listen to ATC plus it has other features, but to be honest I had a job with getting some to work properly, might just have been me lol so I just followed using it.

    Went back to STVB, very stable program.

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