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Thread: What would be the best engine sound to use for the A350

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    Default What would be the best engine sound to use for the A350

    As the title says, there is not currently a Rolls Royce Trent XWB sound effect for FS2004. What would you suggest using for the most similar sound?


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    An FSX A350 sound pack will work in FS2004.
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    Hi George, as my mate Tim above says, I've used FSX sounds and visa-versa on aircraft.
    All my ai sounds are mix and match from various aircraft and even added some that are not even aircraft but they sound good lol.
    I used to fall asleep when flying a single prop, I use headphones and the constant noise sent me to sleep, I used to wake up with the aircraft crashed or flaying way past where I was going lol.

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