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Thread: Missing Southwest AI

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    Hello all, I have installed the entire Southwest Airlines fleet using AIFP which is a great way to install AI. I added all the necessary aircraft to the list and I compiled and saved the flight plans and everything went perfectly. The bgl file is where its supposed to be in the World/Scenery folder. I have also installed American Airlines and those show up at KMIA. I go to my hometown airport KFLL and no Southwest Airlines aircraft show up. I repeated the same process with American Airlines.
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    Does American show up? Did you compile for FSX? Have any FS2004 AI flight plans installed as well? Where did you get South West?
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    Here's an example, elaborating a little on what CRJ said:

    If the American flight plans were compiled for FS2004, and the Southwest for FSX, this is what would happen, American will show up and Southwest not.

    The thing is, if only ONE flightplan in your whole collection (and it does not matter where the .bgl file is located within the scope of FSX) then ONLY that (and whatever other FS2004 flight plans you might have) will show up.

    All have to be FSX-compiled, and you can use AIFP to search for any FS2004/FS9 flight plans and also have it convert them for you.


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    Thanks for your replies, I installed American Airlines and Southwest 2018 flightplans and I start at Miami and count only 24 aircraft which are A320's and E190's and then go to Fort Lauderdale and no Southwest aircraft show just a few American Airlines aircraft only even though the traffic slider is at 100% I installed the entire AA fleet and Southwest fleet as well don't know why the aircraft are missing at the airport when Miami has 8,388 parking spaces available (from the Miami International Airport website).
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    I installed them from Kyle's AI works or and United Traffic Team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fromflorida View Post
    I installed them from Kyle's AI works or and United Traffic Team.
    I’ve never heard of any of them.

    Try World of AI. Free, and they have Southwest, but the older colors.
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    As explained you need to contest the fs2004-type trafficplans to fsx-type, using Aifp.

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    After converting remove the fs2004-type versions of those plans fro the fsx folder.
    If you have fsx-type plans and fs-2004 type ones, only the fs2004-type ones show while flying.

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    Thanks for all your help I will do as suggested and then say if they worked or not.

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    I have converted the AI flight plans from fs2004 to FSX and installed the entire American Airlines fleet and compiled the bgl with AIFP and I still see default traffic even though the bgl is in the proper folder. Saw a few A319s but MIA should be populated with AA not the default AI. Also whats concerning to me even though I did install the entire AA fleet I changed the name to the Aircraft.bgl file to .xxx and I only saw 3 or 4 A319s. There should be 777s 757s 767s and so on at MIA.
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