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Thread: X Plane 11 Crashes

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    Does anyone have problems with the default 737-800 crashing when using the FMC? It crashes 95% of the time when I create a flight plan using the FMC. I flies great when I don’t use it. I don’t get it. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks!

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    I found out that you have to make sure that the version of 737 has to match the XP version, downloaded at the same time or they may not work.
    What version of XP11 you have, is it a PC, Mac...?
    Post specific steps / procedure.
    I don't really use the heavies much but last time I tried the FMC for about 20 seconds worked OK.

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    I’m using the XP11.34. I’m not sure what you’re asking regarding specific steps/procedures. Do you mean how I set up my FMC? If so, I follow a check list. I’m pretty sure my procedure is correct. Sometimes I can be an hour into the flight before it crashes, and sometimes within the hour. If I fly without the FMC, it works just fine.

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