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Thread: Looking for freeware that is better than pay ware! ?

  1. Default Looking for freeware that is better than pay ware! ?

    Hi all,

    This is a quick look at more free stuff on X-Plane 11. Do you think that sometimes Freeware is better than payware?
    If you know of any good X-Plane freeware that you like, please let me know. Thanks and have a great week-end!

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    You can read reviews of something before you download it st the .org. On the d/l screen there are tabs for videos and website reviews if any. Also look at the star rating and any comments.

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    I find the following free items a MUST have for XP11.

    1. Orthosphotreal = Photreal ground textures
    2. Re-Shade = Adds NUMEROUS shade effects to the sim
    3. Zibo Mod 737NG = If you're into tube-liners
    4. Extended Lights = Extends xplane's night lighting distance
    5. Anything MisterX6 makes! = Both freeware and payware
    6. Better Pushback = Pushbacks from gate
    7. Autogate = As stated it will automate the gates that have this installed
    8. Dataref Tools and Dataref Editor = Internal XP11 Tools
    9. FlyWithLua along with frame rate stabilizer
    10. FSGlobal Real Weather (Payware) = Adds Real Weather to XP11
    11. World Traffic 3 = Adds AI Traffic

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