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Thread: Windows 7 vs Windows 10?

  1. Smile Windows 7 vs Windows 10?

    I am formatting my computer, I am struggling to decide on which windows to install.
    Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not.

    Let me know your views on which to choose version of window.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdroid13 View Post
    Windows 10 does not ask user whether to install upadates or not
    You can pause updates for up to a month. I've been running Windows 10 for several months now without any issues. Works fine.

    You'll certainly need it on a new build.



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    Microsoft ends Windows 7 support for consumers in January 2020 -- no more bug fixes or security patches. At my workplace, enforced by IT security rules, and at my home, enforced by me, no unsupported operating systems running anywhere unless it might somehow be a standalone computer always disconnected from the Internet.
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    Definitely 10, much as I'd hate to say it. You'll have something that is somewhat future proof.

    Best wishes.

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    Personally I don't like Windows 10, I used to have Win7 and loved it, I had a hardrive crash and I re-installed Win7 but when I came to register it wouldn't let me, the reason was I had installed it too many times, which was true.
    I've put it on laptops I've owned plus a few other PC's so the only option I had was to upgrade to 10, I've read numerous threads on this subject you either love it or hate it, like I said (personally) I am not a fan of 10.
    My FS9, FSX and X-Plane 11 all seem to run OK with 10 but they also did on Win7.

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