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Thread: no landing gear on multi play

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    Default no landing gear on multi play

    cant see friends wheels when connected on multiplay. can see my own but not his, and visa versa. have ticks in multiplay visual details

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    Are you using the same addon for that airport? (or both default.)

    if not, possibly two airports different elevation. His airport lower then yours. His wheels seem buried in ground. (but actually his ground is lower.)

    Solution. Both use same airport.
    Apologies for lack of grammar.

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    I've seen this before. Sometimes it's because one of you entered multiplayer in slew mode, or you were using a plane with fixed gear and then switched aircraft, or elevation differences as described above.

    This can be minimized by using the same airport, and entering multiplayer in the plane you intend to fly, not in slew mode. If it does happen, both of you leave multiplayer and re-enter it.
    Tom Gibson

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    thank you senior member and top gun for your reply and suggestions. yes both using same addons and airports, and same [brand/build of aircraft] will check the slew mode .being new to the forum I may have been a bit cryptic in my description of the problem, and unsure if I could use the brand name of the A380 we're using on here. also no animation on control surfaces. i think this builder has special aircraft for multiplay .

    Regards to all Don

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    That's true, sometimes custom animations will not appear in multiplayer as well.
    Tom Gibson

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