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Thread: Boeing 727 Getting Loving Maintenance Attention

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    Default Boeing 727 Getting Loving Maintenance Attention

    Shalom and greetings all my pals,

    Presenting Boeing 727 receiving loving maintenance attention at the maintenance hangar in EETN Tallinn Airport located 2.7 nautical miles southeast of the center of Tallinn on the eastern shore of Lake Ülemiste in Estonia

    Two technical crew finishing their maintenance work on the plane

    New engine replacement!!

    Nice view of the airport as seen from maintenance hangar

    Look at the TNT plane hiding behind some building!!

    If you look further from maintenance hanger, you can see vehicle traffic along highway route number 2 also known as Highway Talllinn-Tartu-Voru-Luhamaa especially you can see DHL truck hurrying to make to airport to load cargo on the same plane that is ready for flight after maintenance check

    Ready to be taxied out of the hangar into cargo hold parking spot

    Taxiing out of the hangar

    Arriving at cargo hold parking spot number 43 to wait for cargo loading from the DHL building seen in background

    Nice engine view of sunrise

    Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight!!



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    Real thrilling. Can't wait for more! Great pics
    On the other hand, that 727 looks like a ancestor to the line of short 737s I like, doesn't it?
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    Nice captures of the 727 getting maintenance Aharon. I've always liked the rear drop down stairs on the 727.

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    Nice pics Aharon! Thanks for sharing!


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    Great pictures Aharon. Very nice, as usual.

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    All very nice Aharon!

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    Nice work again!

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    Thanks all for very kind words.



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