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Thread: Article: Phil Spencer On The New Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
    The endless negativity is really sad.
    Once bitten, twice shy, as they say. I think most simmers would rather be sceptical now and potentially pleasantly surprised when it's launched, than be over the moon now and bitterly disappointed when it's launched, as we were with MS Flight.
    Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."
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    Microsoft has given us flight sims that has occupied a big chunk of my spare time since 1995. I do fly XPlane and Flight Gear too, and enjoy them. I take all products at face value and try not to look at the things each sim doesn't have, but rather focus on the features I enjoy. I'm looking very much forward to the possibilities that can be included in this new sim. Hopefully it will be built with a completely new core and include the utilization of a multi-core processors, 4k graphics, 64bit platform, maybe even let use some of the aircraft and scenery that we have, and other features we loved about their past software. I probably won't be disappointed in whatever they put out as long as it's not like MS Flight, I didn't get much enjoyment out of that one. Anyway, I remain....optimistic.

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    What we want is an (Open Source) platform...that way we can create add-ons for it. Please don't repeat the "Flight Debacle" that is what "WE" do not want!! Listen to us Microsoft...WE are the customers you'll be selling to, there is not some other mysterious audience that will pop up to purchase and utilize this sim.

    With that said...I'll remain optimistic

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    Typical Microsoft article. Lot's of language that doesn't say anything! They just cover the technical aspects that mean something to the propeller heads and discuss nothing that means everything to the end user.

    I guess I'll just stick with FS2004 until at sometime in the future, Microsoft proves this new flight simulator has value to me, the customer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
    The endless negativity is really sad. "Nothing good from Microsoft"? Seriously? How about FSX, FS2004, FS2002, FS2000, FS98... shall I go on?
    Nels let me be accused of heresy and speak up -with all due respect- I wasn't talking only about Flight Sim, I am a long serving IT Professional. Microsoft has the nasty habit of suddenly inducing obsolescence, giving their products an artificially limited useful life, disowning their product and retracting their support to force the customer to buy the "newer" version. Shining example how they ditched Win XP while it still rocks, how they are ditching Windows 7 for 10 and how they want everyone to go into Office 365 which is a monthly subscription affair. I am not disputing their technical people but with Microsoft the commercial department has the final say and these are driven by sheer cynical greed. I know it is legitimate to seek profits but this has to be paired with a bare minimum of ethical commitment towards the customer.

    As with Flight Sims, they have a track record of letting down the customers. They disowned FS9 and they disowned FSX, just for pure $$$ penny-pinching motives. Only luckily that LM picked that last one up and created P3D. The latest episode is the weather server for FSX/P3D going down last February and you get the defeatists saying oh go and find yourself such and such freeware weather server. I am using a program that is still requires me to have a license from Microsoft and I have paid for it in full, yet they just disowned it. Have they made it freeware? No.

    Why doesn't anyone greet an announcement by Aerosoft with negativity? Or ORBX for that matter? or many other examples in the industry?

    Best wishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
    The endless negativity is really sad. "Nothing good from Microsoft"? Seriously? How about FSX, FS2004, FS2002, FS2000, FS98... shall I go on?
    Allow me to refresh your memory:

    FS98 ff. are mainly a product of subLOGIC, later BAO, and finally Aces Inc., Microsoft's part in it was almost entirely marketing.

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    I have issue with these comments:

    "As with Flight Sims, they have a track record of letting down the customers. They disowned FS9 and they disowned FSX, just for pure $$$ penny-pinching motives. Only luckily that LM picked that last one up and created P3D."

    Microsoft most certainly did not disown FS9 nor FSX. All they did was to release the basic engine for FS9, & a few years later, FSX, which was a natural progression update sim of FS9.

    It was the developers that provided add-ons for those sims, both freeware & payware.

    On July 9, 2014, Dovetail Games announced that Microsoft had granted them rights to develop the next Flight Simulator in the series. Dovetail Games also announced the release of Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition on Steam for late 2014, named Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

    In 2009 Lockheed Martin announced that they had negotiated with Microsoft to purchase the intellectual property (including source code) for the Microsoft ESP (Enterprise Simulation Platform) product. Microsoft ESP is the commercial-use version of "Flight Simulator X SP2". by DTG for updating to modern PC usage. The Not for Entertainment pro/commercial version of FSX, known as ESP.

    As far as letting down customers?? Really?
    They actually did not ditch Windows 7 for Windows 10. If you recall, there was a Windows 8 & an 8.1.

    Obviously, as an IT professional, you should be aware, that as hardware progresses, so should operating systems, & you also should be aware that current hardware is not optimised for obsolete operating systems & visa versa.
    Obsolescence happens when newer ideas, software & hardware takes over from the old.

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    Just to follow up on my previous comment...I too get rather fed up with the all the negativity.

    At the end of the day Microsoft is a business, and as such is out to make money. I seriously doubt that a few thousand members harking on about FSX 2.0 will alter their thinking of what their business model tells them.

    What will have a bearing...are the millions of Xbox users, and also Xbox Pass holders (see link below for numbers), who may have a passing interest in simulated flight.

    These are the users Microsoft want to capture, as they will dwarf the numbers of hardcore simmers usually found on traditional sites such as here.

    Look at the business model for Truck Simulator on Steam for example. You have constant updates, a fantastic workshop offering additional trucks, trailers, etc...and it all works extremely well. There are plenty of comments on files, and it all goes towards building a larger community.

    So does this mean we should all be getting depressed about the whole thing? Not at all…

    Why? Because it will serve at injecting new blood into the hobby for one.

    Should we be upset if it’s a game and not a hardcore simulation? No!

    Tell many 15 to 25 year olds do you know who have the time or interest to follow a single VOR for 45 minutes? Jeez...not many in today’s mobile and fast moving environment.

    That is why, whatever is developed needs to be relatively casual for it to be appealing. Those users of the ‘game’ who wish to delve deeper (and there will be many), will find the alternatives in the sims we all know so well :-)

    So instead of moaning and bitching about it, embrace the idea to the fact that the hobby we all love and enjoy is growing (but in a different way)…

    Never before have we had it so good… with so many choices

    FSX (boxed and Steam)

    And a link showing that Q3 users of Xbox exceed 63 million, at this stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by napamule2 View Post
    I bet the reason Mr Spencer insists on calling it a 'game' is (maybe?) because 'IT' may not be 'modifiable' by us simmers. Perhaps no flight dynamics (or 'physics') available (or SDK) to modify or edit? But, I'm 'game', and will reserve judgement or opinion. With the possibilities that new computers and technical programming affords us now a days I guess you might even be able to go to Mars in the new sim. could happen. Tighten your seat belts!
    Chuck B
    I think that the reason Mr Spencer calls it a game is because it actually is a game, coming brom Xbox Gaming Studios & will be marketed on Xbox, with it's 64 million gamers.

    Lol, Chuck, we could go the the Moon & Space with FS2004 anyway, & we had quite a range of space scenery & space ships.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    MS is calling it a "game", so maybe they are adding a POINT to the "game" besides just learning how not to crash and navigate to nowhere special. Are they going to include an "FS Passenger", "FS Captain" or "FSEconomy"? Now that would be a "game" changer.

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