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Thread: Mooney Bravo Giving Me Hell...

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    Hey, to all who are interested in this tread. I'll be flying (trying) tomorrow (Monday). I will try all of your suggestions (Especially Johnost with "Trim...Trim...Trim... and auto pilot advice). I'll let you know if it works...Thanks, again...

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    Update: Well, first off It seems like I gave you guy slightly wrong info. Mooney has rudder trim, not aileron trim. And, of course elevator trim. OKbob was right. I had to set the rudder trim to the right before I took off. And give it slight rudder trim when the wheel left the ground. Also, I flew the runway heading via the auto-pilot as suggest. That worked fine...but...I'd set the auto-pilot for 3,000 feet before take-off. The strangest thing......When we hit 3,000 feet...the aircraft kept climbing......Oh well...I think I'll just fly the [email protected]### thing manually for now. Thanks for all the help...

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    Glad to hear you got it sorted out!

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