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Thread: Screen gets black and FS restarts

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    Default Screen gets black and FS restarts

    on approach to airport, which I did zillion times, the screen suddenly got black, stayed black for a minute or so and then FS restarted. Must say I got lot of add-ons, this airport included, also many scenery enhancements and AI. BUT it never happened before! Any idea what could be causing this - perhaps some texture conflict?
    Any help appreciated.

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    More info required. Did it only once? Several times? At one airport? Every airport? One plane? All planes? And anything more you can think of. Probably is a texture problem.

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    Try unchecking the Avtive box for this airport's scenery in the Scenery Library, restart FS, and try the approach again. If you don't get the crash, the addon scenery is probably the problem.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Another test could be with 0% AI traffic.

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    Hi all Many Thanks,
    I am convinced it is a texture problem. The airport is add-on, and I got some AI programmed there. Tried different alternatives with/without AI. Interestingly there is no problem approaching from a different heading.It does not seem to be complexity, got some really complex airports, which cause no problem. Is there any specific texture, I could ID and which could be causing this?
    Thanks again,

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    Check if there are any textures with ".DDS" in your whole FS9 installation. Just an idea...

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    found about 30 DDS textures, so have deleted all. Curious if the problem will persist. Regret it was only occasional, so cannot test a specific scenario. Will report further.

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    Just a follow up, all s well now after (as per Tom's suggestion) I deactivated the add-on airport.
    Deleting DDS textures did not help, zeroing AI did not help either. So the culprit was the add-on.

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    Fine to read.
    Could you tell us which addon airport was the mean one?

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    It was LKLN download below:
    BUT, please note that I have lots of scenery enhancements in the area plus some other small ad-on airports around, so deleting LKLN might have just eased up the load on the sim.
    Best Regards

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