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Thread: Altimeter in fsx

  1. Angry Altimeter in fsx

    Hello, I’m using the PMDG 777 and I’m watching videos on how to fly it, and I keep seeing people in the videos setting their altimeters to the correct value. So I’m wondering how in the world their getting that value for their altimeter. So my question is how do figure out my altimeter in fsx. Thanks

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    I'm no expert, but they probably get the correct air pressure from the local tower or atis, or set the correct altitude for the takeoff airport prior to leaving, since that's a known value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyjohnston View Post
    I'm no expert, but they probably get the correct air pressure from the local tower or atis, or set the correct altitude for the takeoff airport prior to leaving, since that's a known value.
    +1 And don't forget that when you check in with ATC, they will also give the correct altimeter reading until you are past FTL180 where it becomes Standard 29.92 or 1013 hpa.
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    The 29.92 is in Inches of mercury. The 1013 is in millibar.

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    Another question I have is how do I know when my top of descent is in the PMDG 777

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    If you are in VNAV mode, the CDU calculates and displays it on the MFD. if you are flying manually in most jet aircraft that cruise around 0.80 IMN, try 3 times your cruise altitude +10 nm from destination. This is based on a descent profile:

    - cruise IMN until IAS = 300 KIAS
    - 2500 fpm rate of descent to 12000 MSL
    - decel to 250 KIAS and slow rate of descent to 1000 fpm to 10,000 MSL
    - 250 KIAS at 1500 fpm ROD to 4000 MSL
    - decel / descend / maneuver to final approach fix.

    A rough gouge, and variations in complying with a STAR arrival, high airport altitude, etc need to be accounted for. Use of spoilers is helpful, but some airplanes do not use spoilers for slowing down - DC-8, etc. Check the procedures for their use.

    Some jet tubeliners are a little slower and start down later - the DC-9 descends at about 280 vice 300 KIAS. Theses speeds have a dramatic effect at high altitude, where true airspeed is really eating up real estate fast.
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    In the Sim you can just cheat and press the B key and the altimeter will be automatically set to local pressure. I just do this myself, but as you are coming in closer to your airport, at about every 15 miles or so hit the B key again. It will constantly change by a few millibars.

    Absent of that you either tune to an AWOS/ATIS and list to the local airport near by announce its local altimeter. Or when you are below 18,000 in the U.S or maybe even Canada or Mexico, ATC will tell you the altimeter during instruction. 18,000 is the transition altitude, above that it's always 29.92. In the UK and other areas the transition altitude is different and you can see that if you use LittleNavMap on a second monitor. However, in the Sim the world-wide transition altitude is 18,000.

    Keep in mind that in the U.S we use inches of mercury where is in the UK, etc they use millibar. And above their transition altitude it's not 29.92 but 1013.
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    Would someone out there be so kind to make a video on the PMDG 777. I have watched videos on YouTube, but they never explain how they land the plane. I know how to takeoff with the aircraft, I just don’t know when the top of descent is or how to land the plane. Thank you

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    Did anyone get my message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjet123 View Post
    Did anyone get my message
    Yes, but hundreds of videos are out there: Start with Youtube. And follow the tutorials...

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