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    Question Real Weather

    About three months ago, I could no longer get real weather updates; got error message; you are not connected; I've been connected every day, so what is happening?

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    FSXWX freeware and quite good. The weather in game hasn't worked in ages

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    The real world weather server has finally really crashed/gone down this time around. It's "forced" me to look at weather engine servers, which has been a big blessing in disguise really because now I have actual up-to-date weather at airports!

    Would strongly recommend trying out FSXWX, it's a great weather engine. Easy to setup too.

    Seems like the default weather engine in FSX has caved in for good this time around.

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    Where can I find FSXWX?

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    Here ya go flynjef, FSXWX v1.6.1

    Click the FSX tab on that page to get started. The green circles with white arrows inside are the DL's for each component. Read and follow the instructions carefully, and make backups of your original files for easy uninstall should you run into problems.
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