Love the game, have progressed to level 21, but have a question about the autopilot:

When you go into autopilot, there are a number of knobs across the lower right, for speed, heading, etc. There's also a two position knob in the bottom left corner - what's that knob for?

At this point in the game (at my level, with my available planes), I've had to fly a few full routes, and had to set the autopilot on the fly, i.e. either get to the right heading/altitude and turn on heading / altitude hold, or turn on heading / altitude hold and change the heading or altitude to align me properly... does this switch have anything to do with being able to set waypoints ahead of time? Does that functionality exist on later planes, or at higher levels, or... am I just missing it?

What I'm hoping is that at some point, I'll be able to get the heading and altitude correct, then look ahead in the flight and get the specs for my next waypoint (238 degrees, 20,600 ft, for example) and set that waypoint ahead of time... then when I get to the current waypoint, just switch to the next waypoint that I've pre-programmed... rather than have to make live changes with the little knobs, or disengage, get to the new heading/altitude and re-engage.

Any idea if that's coming, or what that knob in the bottom left actually does?