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Thread: Confused with New System with both SSD and HDD Drives

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    Default Confused with New System with both SSD and HDD Drives

    I'm not new to Flight Sim but have been away from it for several years. I finally got a new system with a 1 TB SSD drive and a 2 TB HDD drive. The computer came with Prepar3d already installed and ready to go. I'm new to a 2 drive system but so far have installed ORBX Global Base, Vector, N A Landclass, and Orlando city. I also downloaded but still have to install Global Mesh. I also installed 3 A2A aircraft. Everything installed to the SSD drive which is where the main program as well as Windows 10 are located. In Explorer it is clear that the SSD drive is the main drive and the HDD is the secondary or "X" drive. Everything I installed so far automatically installed to the SSD with no option to select another drive. I happened to look in Explorer and was surprised to see that 1/4 of the SSD drive is already used. I was advised to keep all Prepar3d files together on the same drive for more effficient loading, especially scenery files. I still plan on getting a weather program, more aircraft, and an AI traffic program such as Ultimate Traffic. Later on I also considered giving X-Plane 11 a try.

    The computer was supposed to come with a 1/2 TB SSD drive but to be safe I went with the 1 TB. I've read of several experienced simmers that have great looking systems loaded with many addons with less memory than me or the same.

    Am I doing things correctly? I thought I could use the secondary HDD drive for scenery or addon programs such as weather, AI traffic, etc. to save space on the SSD drive but I don't know how they connect with the SSD main program. What's more, everything I've downloaded so far automatically wants to install on the default, main drive. The only way I am able to load files on the HDD is manually and have read that's all it should be used for-storage and backup, and that everything Flight Sim related should be together on the same drive. One article even said when the main SSD fills up, get a bigger drive and transfer everything to it or get a second external SSD.
    Can someone please point me the right way before I get to far if I'm doing something wrong? Hopefully I'm on the right track and if I fill the SSD I just get another drive. Thanks, Tom

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    1: SSD is in almost all circumstances faster than HDD.
    OS and P3D/FSX should ALWAYS be on the faster drive: DO NOT install either in the default Program Files folder (it has extra protections which you don't need as they can slow things up and make installation of addons more difficult)

    2: HDD is useful for scenery and backups, and stuff which is only accessed at sim startup.
    ORBX may also be placed on the HDD by use of Symbolic Link (covered in these forums, search for it)

    All backups should be on the HDD, as you have noted.

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    Thanks for the help,

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