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Thread: New Microsoft Flight Sim for 2020?

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X was my passion as a kid, so I am super excited about the new update. One thing that I want to know if this version will have sloped runways? Judging by the runways shown at the 0:54 and 0:59 mark of the trailer, probably not. I don't understand why X-plane has always had sloped runways and FSX did not, and don't understand why there shouldn't be.

    Not a game killer, just would add realism for me.
    It will have sloped runways. Watch the video at 55:16.

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    I cannot imagine MS would use UNREAL engine in their product. They wont have licenses and UNREAL is also very old.
    I would be very surprised if MS bring this sim to life in anything else than a self owned engine.

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    I have a feeling MFS 2020 is going to be run along the same lines as Steam, but directly from Microsoft. In these days of big profit margins Microsoft already know there is a large flight SIM community out there who pay big money for add-ons in both software and hardware. Even looking at the cost of the DCS Hornet at $79 (which cost 3 times the price just for the aircraft, than it costs for FSX initially) this is looking likely.

    Microsoft as a company are well known for their shrewd business sense, so therefore it makes sense they will make the 2020 sim a licence or subscription based program. They may also licence their software program to other companies who want to create add-ons, this in itself would raise the cost of add-ons, and you may fibd the smaller designers out there leave the market. They will remarket the new SIM in ways that they can maximize profits because they now know (which they didn't in FSX because they stated it was there last flight SIM at the time) that flight simming is big business, because in it's self they have created companies who just supply software add-ons.

    The Xbox will probably only run add-on's through the games console's marketing, using membership or subsciption data basis, as used by the PS4 in some cases, this is the road the gaming industry is going.......I hope I am wrong about all this. I keep refering to it as a SIM and not a game in anticipation. The old fashioned way of purchasing a disc set in a box, with automatic online updates from Microsoft would be a dream come true......I hope Microsoft are as loyal to it's FS community, as we have been to them over the years.

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