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Thread: Why not FSX/P3D de Havilland D.H.88 Comet

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    Post Why not FSX/P3D de Havilland D.H.88 Comet

    I know, Someone designer could be accept that Why not FSX SE/P3D de Havilland D.H.88 Comet copy & paste process from FS2004 de Havilland D.H.88 Comet files.

    "FS9 Default Microsoft DeHavilland Comet Converted TO FSX SE / P3D"

    When I did before to flying this FS2004 de Havilland D.H.88 Comet as really really really a very great control I like its a lot flying.

    I did searching at File Library, can't believe that doesn't have no available for FSX SE/P3D de Hailland D.H. 88 Comet and design will work on the virtual cockpit and panel the same one FS9 de Havilland D.H..88 Comet Panels.

    I and We hope so, they will happy about that.

    I had already notice its that X-Plane 9.70+ de Havilland D.H.88 Comet in here.

    "Glorious Flying In Skies"

    Jimmy Carter, Flight Sim Pilot
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