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Thread: CS757 'Blue' Cockpit

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    Hi Jethrom
    I will do another FSX install (repair)and then add the accelleration CD as you suggest. From what I can gather, the SP2 is automayically installed...? when I tried to install the SP2 manually, it said it was already installed.

    I certainly appreciates all the help being provided. As you can probably gather, my computer skills are somewhat lacking and not a reflection on my flying acumen.

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    Hi Aviator1949,

    Before you go that route, hope I'm not too late that you have begun repair / reinstall already.

    There is no need to reinstall your addon's and aircraft at this stage, but you may find it necessary later if their config entries in the FSX.cfg [Trusted] section have been overwritten (you would only need to allow / Trust for these aircraft gauges Effects and .dll's when FSX is started or the Aircraft addon is selected for use, it will be added back to the [Trusted section] and or dll.XML.
    Also sometimes the dll.xml & EXE.xml entries may be overwritten, forcing a reinstall of the addon software.
    It is unlikely that you would need to re activate as the windows OS registry will still contain the references to the original installs and activations.

    It might serve you better to go to "uninstall a program list" then uninstall FSX Acceleration Pack and uninstall FSX SP2 if the remaining FSX installation shows as SP2.
    Then do an repair to FSX standard using Disk 1. Start your sim afterwards to check activation, sim functionality & slider settings.
    From that point you should proceed to install Acceleration Pack only, (AccPack does install SP1 and a more comprehensive SP2. So no need for either of these SP's when installing AccPack) then start FSX to activate and accept new key and joystick mapping along with the many added features for FSX Acceleration Pack. When you have finished this open your FSX.cfg and insert into the [Graphics] section HIGHMEMFIX=1 you could also reapply your
    [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=?? "84" for your hexacore CPU but you may find it more beneficial utilizing more cores than only Core 2 4 & 6 with core 0 disabled. I have a Quad core i74770k @ 4.6GHz HT off and use "15" 4 Cores or 255 for HT on ( it might serve you to use a AffinityMask calculator to find the best core useage for your sim/hardware/cpu unless you have already done so and are happy with your Core masking 84.

    I would imagine that some of your addons and aircraft will only function properly with Acceleration, and should work properly after doing the above procedures.

    The other thing which will definitely help when installing software is to always install "As administrator" when installing software from an .exe file, using the right mouse button on the .exe which brings up a drop menu on the executable installation file (.exe), it is often not enough to install from an Admin account login to enable full admin permissions, not doing so can prevent config IO read/writes and corrupt a configuration file.

    You should also after re-insinstalling/reparing check the FSX installation files & folders to make sure you have full admin permissions. (I can walk you through this process). This will enable FSX config files to be written to without exception or error.
    You should also temporarily disable your antivirus when installing / Reparing any FS software wether from DVD disk or Download file, sometimes AV programs can prevent software from being completely installed or configured.

    Hope that helps.
    Last edited by jethrom; 06-11-2019 at 04:08 AM.

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    can you please also post a screenshot of the contents of the folder:

    oops, and while you're at it also of the folder:

    oh, and indeed don't try repair yet. (That would mean re-installing all addons!)
    Let's just figure out what's going on first.

    Other though, did you download a new installer to install the aircraft? You should not use an installer .exe file you downloaded earlier. (For a reinstall with CS planes you need to re-download the CS757 installer and run that and activate. Not use old installer.
    (Also of course not just copy the aircraft over from a previous install. But that sort of speaks for itself.)
    (Sorry fo that cunfusing last paragraph, but when people say "I installed it, or "I installed it 30 times" that is very unclear. Used installer? Copied files? Something else? )

    Head empty now, I'm off to fill up on coffee and cake.
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    I think i'm screwed!!!
    I deleted the whole FSX folder as per on line instructions, then re installed FSX Delux only to find the activation code no longer works and Microsoft no longer support FSX?????
    Any ideas?

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    oK, SO i DLELETED EVERYTHING AND REINSTALLED fsx....Now, the program looks like its going to start, then just goes back to the home screen? Tried the 'repair' process with the same result.
    After a complete 'new' installation, shouldn't it just start normally?
    Do I try installing SP2.

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    Deleting folders is not the same as uninstalling!
    To uninstall something you use 'Add / Remove Programs' menu in Windows Control Panel.

    When you delete the folder the registry entries are not removed.

    The fsx installer will think fsx is already installed, because it sees the reg entry, and won't offer the install option.

    You can use kb928080 to remove the reg entries. (file now available on as resetsldl.exe)

    see this thread for how to do this:

    Be aware, you did not just delete fsx. You also deleted all your Addons. Your payware Addons have registry entries too. And they are now still in the system. That means some of those payware installers will also 'think' the software is already installed. They may refuse to install.

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    Forget my last post about getting it installed. I hadn't seen your last message yet.

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    Be clear when using the word "start".

    (When you start a flight? Or start fsx?)

    i mean, when you 'start' fsx, yes, you may see the home screen, nothing wrong with that. Just click free flight on the left, and set up a flight.

    Or do you mean when you 'start' a flight by clicking fly now?

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    No, when I hit the FSX desk top icon, it looks like the programe is going to start, but closes and goes back to the desktop?
    I have not installed the acceleration pack yet as it was suggested I load the basic program for a first flight then close and then apply the acceleration pack.
    I tried contacting Microsoft but they're not interested anymore.

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