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Thread: No Propellers Showing on DC3

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    Default No Propellers Showing on DC3

    I downloaded Jorge Salas's FS2002 Iberia DC3 into FS9 and all is fine except no propellers.
    Does anybody have a suggestion on how to get the props to show.
    I tried putting in default props from the FS9 dc3 but still no props.
    Thank you

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    I assume you downloaded the entire plane, including model folders?

    If so, when you loaded the plane into FS did FS ask if it could remove incompatible items? If you said yes, it may have deleted the props. You can reverse that by deleting the line that FS created in the fs9.cfg file. Save the file and restart FS. It will then ask the question again when you load the plane. Choose that you do not want to remove incompatible items.

    If you already said no or you tried the procedure above and the props still don't appear, then they are never going to appear. You will need to find an Iberia livery for the FS2004 model. For example:

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Thanks Tom,
    I was just looking through the FS 2002 archives and found a nice DC3 panel designed by Mr. Salas.
    There a lot of good stuff in the FS 2002 files compatible with FS9.
    Now I’m interested in the DC3 again and will start with a FS9 version.

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    Unfortunately this excellent DC3 model is by Jan Visser and made for FS2000 ... props will not show in FS9. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caphavoc View Post
    Unfortunately this excellent DC3 model is by Jan Visser and made for FS2000 ... props will not show in FS9. Sorry.
    Spot on. This is the case with most FS2000 models. Some are listed in the Download library as for FS2002 because they worked fine in FS2002 but they do not work properly in FS2004. Only true FS2002 aircraft will.

    As far as DC-3s are concerned, there are so many options of models and liveries in more recent products that those old ones are really redundant.


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    Just noted this post,
    If you want a really great flying aircraft resembling DC3 it is DC2 from Uiver. $20 worthwhile spent. Amazing aircraft to fly. Highly recommended.

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    Ha! If you want to buy a really great flying aircraft resembling DC3 why not buy a DC-3?

    Just look at those pictures . . .


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