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Thread: Anybody Else Know What Has Happened to ????

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    They had their new site up, but now, I cannot even access it. I didn't like the new download charge after a year, but if the product was upgraded it was renew for another year without charge. Other than that, always had good service until this summer. I was lucky, I backed up everything including the serial keys on my NAS which I also backup on a 8GB USB drive regular on a regular basis. Besides ORBX, been using Just Flight, Simmarket and will start using the Flightsim store for my next purchases if they carry the items I am looking for.

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    Fspilotshop is gone completely. Have any of you dealt with flightsimstore? I think is changed hands and now my account is completely gone, $100's on both sites over the years and now nothing, very sad.

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    When I clicked on the FSpilotshop web site, it went to Said was"
    parked" there and that the site was for sale? That does not bode to well for anyone needing their support. (I personally never purchased any of their products).

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