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Thread: Building a non-motion sim with a Boeing 737 cockpit

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    Default Building a non-motion sim with a Boeing 737 cockpit

    I have revently purchased a Boeing 727 non-motion simulator. The interior is complete and the exterior is a fabriacted shell that does not look real. I have now aquired a real Boeing 737 cockpit that is basically stripped inside. I want to rebuild this cockpit as a B727. My question is this, the cockpits of the B727 and B737 should be the same size, will the controls of the B727 fit into the B737 cockpit? Has anyone had any experience in fitting the cockpits of either of these aircraft?

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    I don't have any of the information you're after, but I'm curious -- are you using (or planning to use) the FlightGear PC simulation software, or were you thinking that FlightGear meant hardware?

    The reason I ask is that if you're thinking hardware, you'll get better results in the Outer Marker Forum, rather than in this one intended for the FG sim software discussions.

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    Having flown the 727 for many years and having ridden in the jump seat of a number of 737's, I would say that the cockpits of the two types are dimensionally the same. So the only difference would be the number of throttles and what is on each panel, especially the overhead. It should fit, but much would depend upon just what kind of fixed base sim you have acquired for the 727. If it was a CPT, the controls may not be actual airplane items but rather fabricated items that look more or less real, but which may involve different mechanical engineering.

    The person you may want to correspond with would be Dr. Joe Maldonado, of Project 727. See "A Night in Elf Hill" in the features section of this website. He would know more about what might fit into what.

    Good luck, and show us the finished product!

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