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Thread: Windows 10 and MSFS 2002

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    Default Windows 10 and MSFS 2002

    Could not get my original MSFS 2002 to install so bought new set. The 3 discs installed fine, started up and first coupe of flights went well, now I cannot change a/c or locations, its stuck on a Learjet and Meigs Field, joystick works and plane flys ok, but how do I get this to work as it should. Others seem to have no problem with Windows 10.

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    simple. just upgrade to FS9 and treat yourself to the same FPS and much better graphics!

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    I keep an old refurbished Win XP Dell just for running FS2002 and Looking Glass Flight Unlimited 3. No compatibilty problems that way.

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    Have a look at the top sticky on the FS2004 forum and try install/move your FS2002 sim as per the instructions there. Maybe it will work.
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