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Thread: Windows 10 and MSFS 2002

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    Default Windows 10 and MSFS 2002

    Could not get my original MSFS 2002 to install so bought new set. The 3 discs installed fine, started up and first coupe of flights went well, now I cannot change a/c or locations, its stuck on a Learjet and Meigs Field, joystick works and plane flys ok, but how do I get this to work as it should. Others seem to have no problem with Windows 10.

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    simple. just upgrade to FS9 and treat yourself to the same FPS and much better graphics!

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    I keep an old refurbished Win XP Dell just for running FS2002 and Looking Glass Flight Unlimited 3. No compatibilty problems that way.

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    Have a look at the top sticky on the FS2004 forum and try install/move your FS2002 sim as per the instructions there. Maybe it will work.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    I have a WindowsXP computer for FS2002. My sister bought a new computer with Windows 10. I installed FS2002 The planes fly but they don't show in the Select Plane window but when I click to fly it shows for a split second. Also the scenery gets messed up.

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    I am an FS9 guy but I have FS2002 on my PC for nostalgia. (windows 10) I've noticed the same thing. It is best to start with the 172 before switching planes. the best option that I recommend is to get FS9 for her unless her PC can not handle it. with all default scenery you can expect over 100fps no questions asked on a decent PC. with addons you can expect anywhere from 30-60. here's a link to my channel showing how to upgrade FS9 if you are interested.

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    Did you install FS2002 as per the instructions at the top of the forum?
    NOT in it's default directory!!
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    All the things old games require to run properly are being changed on Win 10 and they simply will no longer function correctly.
    With a quick search I could not find a report of anyone running FS2002 on Win 10 without issues.

    FS2002, FS9, FSX, there are issues with all of them under Win 10 in one way or another or with one add-on or another.

    Either go with FS9 as it is still more Win 10 friendly or use Win 7/Win XP for FS2002. Win XP would likely be the best option.
    Mark Daniels

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    Just installed FS2002 on Win 10 and it appears to work well. Guess I found one person that is running it without issues.
    Aircraft preview doesn't show in full screen but that's about it.

    Two decades have passed since FS2002 was released and now MSFS is about to be released with the latest state of the art weather.
    Well...if one wants to see realistic unbroken clouds at altitude, FS2002 is still the sim of choice!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mark Daniels

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    I have also been running FS2002 on Windows 10 without issues. I have it on a secondary drive (M.2), not my boot drive. With everything maxed, it doesn't even change the fan speed.

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