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    I tried using two headsets and I was able to set it up where I can talk and hear myself on both. I have FSX setup where Sounds is on my speakers and Voice is on my headset but it only allows one headset to be put in on the drop bar. Is there anyway I can setup two headsets that can hear the ATC? I am using USB connections. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Was typing a long reply, then though better of it.

    Is it wired headsets??

    In that case, use the plugs you are using now for the one headset. (mic and headphone connector sockets. 3.5 mm for example.)
    and plug into each a cable splitter.
    (male 3.5 to 2x female 3.5)
    then you and your copilot can both plug in the headsets at the same time.
    However, you will both hear exactly the same.
    And if you speak at once, you are together speaking into one mic channel.

    socket female | <---single male of splitter <----- 2 plugs female on splitter <------ two (headset) mics.

    socket female | <---single male of splitter <----- 2 plugs female on splitter <------ two headsets audio.

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