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Thread: Running FS2000 Under Windows 10?

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    Default Running FS2000 Under Windows 10?

    hello can anyone tell me if its possible to run flight sim 2000 on a windows 10 computer thanks

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    I'm running FS2000 on winxp, works like a charm. On more modern PC's, u might run into a problem with the 16:9 resolution, since in the days of FS2000 a 4:3 resolution was common. If it doesn't run at all in w10, u can try a Win98 Emulation, many youtube Videos of fs98 and fs2000 are using it.
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    Yes, it is indeed possible. I know some people who can't, but I can. I think the only "issue" was to run them as administrator. Maybe at some time to run it "solving compatibility issues", or even without that. I can't remember exactly.

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    i have fs2000 running perfectly fine in windows 10 - but what you need in order for this to happen is a no-cd crack as win10 wont accept the old secdrv.sys drm that an installation of fs2000 contains,regardless of whether you have the disc or not. I installed my version from the discs. I had tested an online download i found on a site though and that download was a dud, i mean it just seemed to have something wrong with its install altogether. Installing from the discs went smoothly on the other hand.

    the other factor which may be of concern is the graphics card - i am using my secondary onboard intel graphcis card for FS2000 as the Nvidia one just does not work (i got the same issue with X-plane 7). other non nvidia brand cards might work also amd etc.

    i did also trying running FS2000 in PCEM but it runs very poorly for me there (PCEM needs a super powerful computer) i have much better luck with VMware - if you install winxp in VMWare and follow a specific guide on how to do it right (there is ayoutube channel 'Nevets' that i think has vids on this) you can do it and have it performing very well.
    Oracle Virtualbox also is good, though it doesnt have any 3dacceleration and you need to again follow specific steps to make sure it is set up correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scandinavian857 View Post
    ...On more modern PC's, u might run into a problem with the 16:9 resolution, since in the days of FS2000 a 4:3 resolution was common.
    I run it on Windows 7 with a 1920x1080, 16:9 monitor. FS2000 supports 1280x720x32 resolution which is a 16:9 aspect ratio and looks great.
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