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    Twilight Desert...Death Valley To San Berdo (San Bernardino).
    Part of the Low and Slow Series.

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    Thanks for viewing, Darryl

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    Hey Darryl! Great shots!! And I love that Piper! Where'd you find it?

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    Very scenic area! Not much terrains there uhhh?!
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    DARN I always want realistic looking desert ground textures!

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    Beautiful desert shots! What photoscenery are you using?
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    Darryl - Beautiful aircraft and nice scenery!


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    Looks like MSE Nevada?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clutch Cargo View Post
    Looks like MSE Nevada?
    Quote Originally Posted by pugilist2 View Post
    Beautiful desert shots! What photoscenery are you using?
    Its's freeware photo-scenery from BlueSky.

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