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    Again this year aircraft from all over the world will be returning in June to the site of D Day. The Kentucky Air National Guard is again sending a C-130, containing several VIP Passengers who are WW II veterans back to Normandy!

    In accordance with tradition the C-130 from Kentucky has been remarked is colors and insignia it would have had, had it flown on D Day. These are some shots of the plane just "repainted." If they're not the highest quality it's on me. They were taken with a phone and I'm not the best at converting them to this site's specs.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great move. That year, it's the 75th anniversary of June 1944!
    Personally, in Dijon, the city was liberated by the Allied coming from the South, after the disembarkment in Provence by August of that same year! And among them was the step-father of my father, the second husband to my grandmother. He was a French from Algeria (a 'pied-noir') and later became my godfather. After reequiped by the Allies, those French of North Africa made a long way: Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, the battle of Monte Cassino, etc. to France
    The 2nd DB (armoured division) which had landed in Normandy, eventually was met by those armies coming from the South in a village northwest of Dijon. And my father -he was about 15 years old- also participated in the Resistance, along with one of my uncles. Great stories and family memories indeed! All great peoples who were too soon taken to their loved ones
    Great painting on the planes!
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    Thanks for posting these Michael. It's nice to see the a lot of people still remember.

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    Michael - Pics turned out great! Thanks for sharing!


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    Pictures look great Michael!

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