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Thread: Airline Commander -- New user feedback and questions

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    I just started playing the other day and I really like this app (iPhone user.) But I'm having some problems and have some feedback.

    1) When I get into "Autopilot" mode, by swiping up on the left side of the screen, there doesn't seem to be any way to get out of it, because swiping on the screen on the right and left sides just moves the map. Is there anyway out of that mode? I've crashed a couple of planes by accidentally getting into that mode and not being able to get out

    2) There is a mission, Istanbul -- Wroclaw, which has three parts, simple takeoff, simple landing and full takeoff. Not long after you've suffered through the taxiing part and take off, there's an engine emergency that shuts off the engines and fires up an alert. When you click on the Alert, it takes you to the engines display, and nothing I do in there restarts the engines, and I crash. That's just dumb, so I'm guessing that I'm missing something. Anyone who has finished that route, how do you deal with the emergency?

    3) And a bit of feedback from #2 -- the time limit imposed to finish the route is dumb and unfair. I had to spend resources to be able to run that route, and they were wasted because, after failing the "Full takeoff, engine failure" thing twice, I was out of time.

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    1-You can go back to normal screen by swiping up on the right toggle/knob.

    2-If I'm not mistaken, you probably haven't turned on the APU first before restarting. It's on the same screen as the de-icing button...I believe it's swipe right on the left's on the left toggle for sure.

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    It’s unrealistic , On the number 2 I have trouble with trying to land even after hitting the APU when I’m taking a test for engine failure. It makes no sense because for example Airbus310, the smaller one, the stall speed is 140, but the plane stalls at 160-165,immediately slows down and crashes even before hitting 140 knots.. I should be able to glide thru with the air and being only 70 ft before landing and I should be able to land. I’ve stalled before on planes during flight but I still have some time before it crashes where I’m able to speed up but my point is I’m still gliding thru the air. I can’t seem to get passed those tests.

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    On the engine failure tests, you have to overcompensate for the glide-thru. For instance, on the MD-80 Exam G, if you approach at or near stall speed, you will crash before you get to the runway. I had to bring it in at twice the recommended altitude, ~180 knots, then drop gear and air-brake as fast as possible once I was over the runway threshold.
    I suppose the real lesson here is, once you're down to one engine, you need to overcompensate for it in case you lose the second engine.

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