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    Default Buying Windows 7 Question

    I looked online to see if I could buy Windows 7, course I got a few links to buy with reduced price plus software key etc.

    Have any of you used these sites and are they legit, I once bought a copy of Windows years ago off Ebay, it turned out it was a load of rubbish, I bought a proper copy after that lol?

    I'm on a Win10 upgrade at the moment but would like to go back to Win7, my old Win7 Ultimate would no longer let me activate, something to do with it being used on too many machines which is true by the way, I've had it on a fair few machines since I've had it.

    So where to buy Windows 7 please, anybody?


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    Be aware: Microsoft support and maintenance for Windows 7 ends in January 2020, no more security patches/updates being the worst aspect.

    But if you're determined to buy it, - rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.

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    Yep! MCS is the place to buy. Win 7 Pro 32/64 bit, digital download (takes 30 min to download, and you will get key in email in about 10 mins) is $94 (Regular $170 to $299) and guarenteed to install and activate. EBay? No way!! Even Amazon has these 'dudes' selling banned Win 7 so DON'T BUY AT AMAZON either. It MAY be 'ok' (if you are lucky) but it's too risky and you MIGHT not get your money back.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, I am on an old age pension so some of the prices are a lot to my income, I would have thought it might be cheaper now seeing as it has been taken over by a later system and it is no longer supported.

    Also when I did the upgrade to Win10 I re-installed FSX and X-Plane11 plus lots of addon scenery and aircraft, so thinking about it I don't fancy doing that again.
    My upgrade is not activated either, I did try it but when I did it was refereeing to the Win7 serial number so it would not activate.
    What gets me is I remember one time I was in a PC shop and the guy in there said he has put the same copy of Windows on lots of PC's, I'm sure many more than I have done but mine would not activate because it said it had been used too many times, thinking about it I don't think it was any more than about 8-10 PC's at the most.

    Also I did the 'Re-arm' thing as well but that failed.

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    Maybe you could try reactivating your Win7 by phone, here's a link that will help you.

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    Hi Col,

    If you do get Win 7 be aware that it will probably be only the base OS system with no updates/service packs (SP) added. I suggest that prior to installing the base product you save yourself a lot of hassle and time by downloading the official SP1 and the convenience pack (sometimes unofficially referred to as SP2 from HERE - scroll down to the Win 7 section. This will give you all of the updates that have occurred to Win 7 over its lifespan up to April 2016. A bonus is that you will not need to spend hours staring at the screen as windows runs the update process.

    The install procedure will be as follows:

    1. Install Win 7 as per the instructions. Activate the install. IF an update is then started stop it.

    2. Install SP1 and then reboot. This will allow essential files and registry updates to be applied.

    3. Install the convenience pack and then reboot.

    4. Run an update session.

    Also be aware of another important issue is that you may experience problems when installing software into Win 7 - see my post in this THREAD for details....


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    Hi Bri, I think I may have left it too late to do this, like I said above I have FSX Acceleration plus a lot of Aircraft and Orbx and X-Plane 11 installed.
    I don't fancy doing it all again, thanks for all the help as usual but I'll plow on with what I've got, shame really I got used to W7 and it did run good with the sims, then as you know I had that hard drive problem.
    Once I got the drive back I acted on impulse and installed the W10 upgrade, I'm not sure it can be rolled back I doubt it.

    I just Googled and there was an option to roll back to Win7 but because the PC has been running Win10 for more that 10 days that option is no longer available, grrr!
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