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    Hello, I have had an issue with flashing clouds for a long time and decided to try the swarmcloud fix. I ran into an issue where after the fix I had completely cloudless skies. I backed up everything prior to attempting the fix and reverted to the prior settings but the clouds were still missing. I use FSX boxed an use REX essential plus of for textures but not for the weather engine. I use the user defined option to create the cloud layers as I found an annoying strobe like effect across the top of the monitor every time the weather updated. I ffollowed the fix per the instructions so I’m not really sure what happened. My question is has anyone else had this occu when applying the fix and if so what did you do to correct it. As of now the clouds have returned but so has the flashing as I put all of the backed up files back. It took most of yesterday to get the clouds back and they seemed to come back out of nowhere. They didn’t come back immimmediately after switching everything back. This only occurred when using the user defined option and not with any of the weather themes. I even tried with the REX weather engine enabled and clouds were present. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ed

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    Try this: Go into 'World/Weather' then 'Custom/Advanced' and DO NOTHING. Just 'OK' out. The 'clouds' should be gone. Let us know if this worked. Ocassionally I will get these 'clouds' out of nowhere and by doing the above I eliminate them. So it's a 'trick' and not a fix as these 'clouds' might return again at any time (why, I don't know). I believe they are called 'imposter clouds'.
    Chuck B
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    Thanks for the reply. Actually the problem is that there are no clouds at all after the swarmcloud fix. I like to fly with multiple cloud layers of stratus and cumulus clouds. The fix left me with cloudless skies. I set those layers with the user defined option and just use REx for the textures.

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