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    Hi all. New to X-Plane 11. Downloaded a freeware Cessna 310J complete aircraft from this site and my X-Plane install WILL NOT SEE THE PLANE!!

    I unzipped the download as suggested, created a new folder called "Add-On Aircraft" in the X-Plane/Aircraft directory, moved the Cessna 310J folder to that newly created folder (again as suggested by numerous Googled tutorials) and the new plane does not show up at all!
    What am I missing here?! I have also placed the folder into just the Aircraft directory, the Lanimar Research directory and the Extra Aircraft directory, with no luck, as well.

    I have seen a few General Aviation payware planes I'd like to buy, but I will NOT do so until I understand exactly whats going here!

    Someone please help! I'm running Windows 8, purchased X-Plane via direct download from Laminar, and is installed in it's own folder on my D drive, NOT under administrative directories (Program Files or Program Files (x86)).

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    I'm not sure where you found this. But on, in the download section, I found a cessna310R. unzipped it and installed it into x-plane11/aircraft/laminar and it went in without a hitch and runs like a champ. So, could you have it in the wrong place and not removed it. Or could you have downloaded a file for another version of XP (seems more likely). When I downloaded, I saw 4 different files for the C310. One for XP9.7, one for XP10, one for XP11 and one for multiplayer. Not sure how they differ, but if you have the file for XP9.7, it won't show up. Please make sure you have the correct verion. Other than that, sorry but I'm out of ideas.

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    No need to create an "Add-on Aircraft" folder, just move the aircraft into the aircraft folder in X Plane, if that still does not work then perhaps you have downloaded the wrong version as previously suggested.

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