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Thread: AdBlock No Longer Working With Firefox

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    Hi All:
    Firefox has told me they will no longer play with AdBlock, which I have used for years on my laptop with Win 10. I'm being assaulted with pop up ads, which I mercifully avoided for all that time. I would appreciate your ideas on where I go from here for an AdBlocker, or do I need to go to another browser?
    Thanks in advance,

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    I changed the browser. It was too rigid.
    happy landings! Christian
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    I'm using Ghostery. I understand it works for Firefox, Chrome, and all its relatives (Opera, Vivaldi, etc).
    Best regards,
    Luis Hern√°ndez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flattermann View Post
    I changed the browser. It was too rigid.
    Thank you for your response. May I ask which browser you went to?

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    Thanks Luis. I'll have a look.

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    Stopping AdBlock wasn't the reason for changing (back) to Chrome (which I has in the past and was accustumed to). FF accused every flightsim-forum and other download possibilities as dangerous and it was not so easy to avoid the warnings.
    In principle it is not so bad if browsers trie to beware users for malware but for me FF was too rigid.
    Momentary I have no such thing as AdBlocker.
    happy landings! Christian
    Intel i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHZ, 4 Kerne, 16 GB
    MSI RX 480; M. SATA WD 500 GB;
    WD RED PRO 2TB Win 10, 64 bit; FSX Gold Acc.

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    There is an issue with Firefox disabling it's browser addons, there is a hotfix for this problem, go here & follow the instructions, to make the process quicker you can take a look at this thread on the Mozilla support forum, scroll down to the post mentioning temporarily setting "app.normandy.run_interval_seconds", this is what I did after waiting hours without anything happening, I changed this & restarted my browser & all addons were restored.

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    In addition to what Paul said, I'd use uBlock Origin. It's a lot faster.
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    I'm actually using Edge Chromium Canary & it works perfectly, & uses far less memory overhead than Firefox & Chrome.

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    Thanks to everyone for your help. Paul's information allowed me to understand what was happening. So I followed the instructions from FireFox and as Paul warned, it may take a long time for the repair. After waiting over night with no resolution, I tried installing the latest FireFox and, voila, all is fixed. Blockers back on the job. I also plan to consider Edge and the blockers mentioned by CRJ.
    Thanks again,

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