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Thread: FSX Helicopter cockpit and Arduino projects

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    Question FSX Helicopter cockpit and Arduino projects

    I have been playing FSX for a while now and I am trying to make my Helicopter cockpit better. So I am going to invest in an Arduino to make my own radio stake with Link2fs. Any suggestions?

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    Lightbulb Ideas for the start of the cockpit

    I have been looking at most of the small projects on Jim's Page He has some great suggestions and step by step tutorials to get through the process of making a radio stack for a Bell 206 helicopter for FSX. I am going to go out and buy a Arduino starter kit from amazon ( and these relays ( I am hoping to start this project. Also for any other avionics for my cockpit I was going to use some 10 inch raspberry pi monitors with touchscreen capabilities. I will be posting more threads for my drawn up design of my cockpit.

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    Exclamation Ideas for the start of the cockpit

    I am going to use raspberry pi monitors for their easy use and connectivity to a Arduino and a regular computer. Also if I haven't mentioned I have a Ibuypower Trace 940 to run all these systems I am also going to download the Link to FSX program tonight. Thanks fro any response and if you have any suggestions or questions please respond to this thread.

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    Lightbulb TinkerCad Schematic's

    I have been messing around on Tinkercad,a great website to create circuits and Arduino project schematic's without a download of an app, and have created a basic circuit to run an LCD display. The link2fs should take care of the receiving and broadcasting data on the screen, But for this model I just wrote it in the code.

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