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    Default RFS New update

    This is very good update but this is yood if all pilot use atc because rhere is pilote don t using atc and this is good to add in atc when pilote speak attention

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    I haven’t gotten a chance to try out the pro version and I’m early access to the game I’m on The latest version 0.6.8 when I try to try out the pro it won’t let me it just pops up with u have to pay for the pro version also the game loads slowly now I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and now it just loads slowly that I’m not even in the main menu of the game really hope rortos fixes this issue before it gets released even to iOS users cause devices on there like an iPad have better memory and more gigs even for iPhone

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    Rfs downloads by wifi all the scenery, that remain downloaded. When you fly from one scenery to another, you will be stopped and a charging bar will appear. If you have already downloaded it will not be like that

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