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Thread: Questions and doubts about purchasing software online......

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    Default Questions and doubts about purchasing software online......

    Hello to all,

    I have question and doubts about purchasing software online if you get my drift. I would like more info on certain

    website/stores online for certain products. I want to make sure its safe and secure before I make any purchase.

    Those who have purchase a product at Fligth1 store it says you have to download a 'Purchase Agent' before you can

    download/buy the product. I never seen this before at other sites. Is it ok? Secure? has anyone have had any issues??

    I'm asking because I'm new at this and want to make sure its SAFE, SECURE, ECT.

    Thanx for any help/suggestions

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    You trusted FlightSim.Com enough to ask your question how about shopping in our store? Hopefully you'll trust that too:

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    I agree with Nels. Buy from the link he posted.
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    Also you need to watch out for extra charges. For example, the fspilotshop site
    charges a $5.00 fee if you download a product too many times. will NEVER do that! Always free downloads for products
    you purchase!

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    Let me add that Nels, Rick and their crew are among the most honest business folks I've ever come across.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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